Did you know? – Preventative Services

I have asked people if they knew about the preventative services that are available for free as part of your health insurance premiums.  I have gotten a variety of answers.  Some people say, big deal… I am on a copay plan.  Others have no idea what constitutes a preventative service.  As part of the ACA, these services are legislated on all major medical health insurance policies.  Also, they are not subject to deductible, co-insurance or copays.  This is effective now.  Here is a list of what is covered at no cost currently:

Breast Cancer screening
– Mammography (women 40+)
– Genetic screening and counseling (women at high risk)
– Preventative medication counseling (women at high risk)

Cervical Cancer
– Pap testing
– High-risk HPV DNA testing (women 30+ with normal pap results)

Colorectal cancer
– One of the following: fecal occult blood testing, colonoscopy, or sigmoidoscopy (adults 50-75)

Cardiovascular health
– Hypertension screening (blood pressure)
– Lipid disorders screenings (cholesterol)
– Aspirin (men 45-79; women 55-79)

– Screening
– Counseling and behavioral interventions
– BMI screening

Type 2 Diabetes screening (adults w/ elevated blood pressure)

Depression screening

Osteoporosis screening (women 65+, women 60+ at high risk)

Immunizations (I won’t list them all here, but all the ones you would want are covered)


Newborn and adolescent screenings (again, I won’t list them but they are part of a child’s recommended Dr. visits from Newborn through 6 years)

Alcohol misuse screening and counseling

Tobacco counseling and cessation interventions

Intensive healthy diet counseling (adulst w/ high cholesterol, CVD risk factors, diet related chronic disease)

Interpersonal and domestic violence screening, counseling (women)

Well-woman visits

Pregnancy- Related screenings, but this does not include all doctor visits or the actual birth.  It also includes breastfeeding support/counseling.

STI and HIV counseling/screenings

Sexual disease screenings

Contraception (women)
– All FDA-approved contraceptive methods as prescribed
– Sterilization procedures
– Patient education and counseling

WOW, that is a lot.  This applies to all non-grandfathered policies.  Non-grandfathered mean policies that were originated after March 23, 2010.  Most people’s policies are not grandfathered.

For me, there were some surprises.  But the takeaway is that there is no reason to put off a doctor visit to have yourself checked out.  This is effective now; not next year.  For people with major medical, this won’t cost you anything.  No copay, not subject to deductible or coinsurance.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions about the information I put in this blog or even about your current coverage.  More to come…



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