Did you get a post card from Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL?

As I explained in my last article, BCBSIL policy holders are in for a big change come the beginning of next year.  This is what the post card said.  It said “Changes are coming”.  I received mine over the weekend.  If you have an individual/family policy (not group) with BCBSIL, did you receive your postcare.  If you did, please put in a comment.  The message on the postcard means that your current coverage is going away and you will be forced into an exchange/marketplace plan with a higher cost if you stay with BCBSIL individual/family policy (again, this doesn’t apply to group policies).  Whether that cost is more or less depends on a lot of things but most importantly, will you qualify for a subsidy and how big will it be?

Be educated.  Explore your options between now and the end of the year.  I will have the ability to sell current plans, private exchange plans and the government exchange plans.  You want to work with an agent that has the ability to sell all three types of plans.  And I highly recommend your work with an agent and not a Navigator.  That is a subject for another day, but in summary, you want to work with an agent that has all 3 options available to them.  Of course, you want to work for an agent that you feel comfortable with and you feel is going to recommend the best plan for your regardless of how it affects their paycheck.  Depending on your income, age, health and your health insurance preferences will depend on which of those 3 options will be best for you and your family.

More to come…


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