Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL Small Groups: Important Dates

While some people I talk to know that they can start making choices as of October 1, no one seems to know the specifics on what will happen with their specific policy going into next year.  Are you responsible for making decisions about your small group policy?  Do you have a BCBS of IL small group policy?  Here are some important dates to take note of?

– September 23, 2013, you must decide whether or not to change your anniversary date to December 2013 only if you are making a plan change.

– October 15, 2013, you must decide whether or not to change your anniversary date to December 2013 if you do not need to change your plan.

I am sure some of your saying “What? Why would I want to change my anniversary date?”  Policies that are renewed in the new year will have different rules that will generally lead to higher rates for your group.  Not always.  This is why you need to review your options with your agent.  If you haven’t heard from your agent and this is the first you have heard about this, I would suggest finding a different agent.  But I digress…

BCBSIL is allowing small groups to keep their current plan or change to a different 2013 plan and keep it for all of 2014 by changing their anniversary date to December of 2013.  Or, they can choose to renew January 1 and choose one of the new 2014 policies.  If no choice is made, it will default to the January 1 anniversary date.  This will usually lead to a more expensive plan for your employees.  You should have received from BCBSIL a Market Impact Analysis to help you make this choice.

So, get educated and make a choice.  If you don’t, a choice will be made for you.  Also, don’t be afraid to explore other options.  More to come…


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